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We are proud to present our full, interesting and exciting program for 2024!
04 - 11 JuneTextile and mixed media Level 1Eke Krug
14 - 21 JuneTextile and mixed media Level 2Eke Krug
25 June - 02 JulyFelt Couture for Nuno-garmentsCharity van der Meer
05 - 12 JulyBack to NatureSaar Snoek
16 - 24 JulyConnections in Felt and Raku Ceramics
Miriam Verbeek *
23 - 31 Aug Felt Dimensions/Artistic EmbroideryAnnemie Koenen *
04 - 11 SeptAnimal head and Female figurine - Needle-felting
Paulien Sijtsema
15 - 22 SeptFelted Jacket/Tunic with felt texturesNatalya Brashovetska
25 sept - 02 OctEcoprinting on Linen and LeatherRachel van der Weerd

* These courses have an extra workshop day.
All creative weeks consist of 6 or 7 full days (5 or 6 days workshop and 1 days free choice). The marked dates are arrival – and departure date, in between are the 6/7 full days.
For course content and prices, click on the course above.
Every course has its own list of material that you need to provide yourself unless otherwise mentioned. You will receive a material list with your reservation.

We offer a promotion on any double booking (2 courses in season). Check the promo page.

* This course has a 6 day program

Textile and Mixed Media – Eke Krug

Banner Eke

Date level 1: 04 – 11 June 2024
Duration: 6 full days (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room/board, excl. materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

For a booking of both weeks we will give you a price reduction of €125 on the second week.

Textile and mixed media Level 1

From flat to 3D, How will that be?
During this course you will begin to manipulate and colour different textiles, paper, fibers and threads. Big pieces will not be necessary, small but many is better. It will give you a variety of choice during the fusion of the pieces. Then we start cutting, tearing, sewing and embroidering. The result can be figurative as well as abstract, the choice is yours. From this 2D surface we are going to try to raise it by adding 3D solutions. You will be working with different pigments and other options. The sewing/embroidering will be done by hand. In this course you don’t need to drag a heavy sewing machine along. The projects will be 25×25 at the most and can be turned into a bunch of smaller patches. The results will be surprising and astonishing.
And it will be lovely to do some outdoor sewing with good weather…

This course is suitable for all levels.

Textile and mixed media Level 2

Date level 2: 14 – 21 June 2024
Duration: 6 full days (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room/board, excl. materials) ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!

During the first week we have been exploring ways to raise a flat surface to 3D, in combination with several ways of fabric manipulation.
During this second week we will up the game. Every participant will have the opportunity to realise 3D, in their own way, which creates the possibility to follow ones own path.
Every day we will start with a new technique, like strengthning the materials in different ways, adding brading techniques and creating metallic effects, applying smooth transitions from flat to 3D. We will work on how to apply it tightly, shaping forms by metal wire or rattan, to build up a project with textile and/or paper. Each day we will spend appr. an hour on explanating. After, it is at liberty to choose to to work with this technique. There will be paid much attention to everyons individual process and assistance where needed. We will finish the day by taking some time to discuss the projects in the group, ask questions and share new ideas.

If you already have similar experiences, like level 1, then you can sign up directly for level 2 without having to book both weeks. When in doubt, you can always contact Eke Krug to discuss which level is suitable for you.


Felt Couture for Nuno-garments – Charity van de Meer

Date: 25 June – 02 July 2024
Duration: 6 full days (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) ONLY FEW PLACES LEFT!

Felt Couture for Nuno-garments
The workshop will focus on designing and making one-piece fashionable and wearable Nuno felted garments; e.g. dresses or skirts or gilets.
You will explore the various textures and rough surfaces using different techniques and materials. You will learn how to add pleats to achieve extra float accents into your projects.
How to enlarge a normal pattern into a felting pattern using the simple basic techniques that Charity uses in her work is a very effective method that will help you to develop your own pattern template that will suit and fit you. Moreover, you will go home with a lot of new ideas.
Most importantly you will learn how to work with the direction of the wool to achieve a personalized style. The direction of the wool is very important to determine the shrinkage, the styling and the shaping of the felted finished garments. You will be astonished at the results.

This course requires a basic knowledge of felting and will be given in English.


Back to Nature – Saar Snoek

Banner Back To Nature Saar Snoek

Date: 05 – 12 July 2024
Duration: 6 full days (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) ONLY FEW PLACES LEFT!

Back to Nature
In this workshop we will make an observation study. We take an object that you like or consider special – a seed, an animal skin, a flower – as our starting point to be transformed into a felt sculpture. You can bring objects with you or look for them in the garden or countryside.
Where do you begin? What is a good strategy? Will it be what you expected, or much nicer?

Saar has a wide experience in making simulacra (representations) and considers this a valuable part of her working process. “Recreating something is the perfect way to run into problems, but for every problem is a solution. A nature study is the starting point, an exploration of materials, but also of the creative process.”

This workshop has a playful character, creating fun things together, but at the same time is quite technical. We will regularly go round to look at the projects ans discuss what is happening in the felt. We learn to read the felt and get a better insight in what we are doing, why and when. The goal of this workshop is to add to our creative and technical toolbox and build confidence in our relationship with the material. And of course the enjoyment of interacting together, being in a great place without distractions.

This course is suitable for all levels – from beginners to experienced felt-makers.


Connections in Felt and Raku Ceramics – Miriam Verbeek

Date: 16 – 24 July 2024
Duration: 7 full days (6 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: € 1.350,- (based on single room, full room and board, kiln firing and 6kg clay, excl. other materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

“Nature as inspiration”
In this workshop we make a connection between felt and ceramics. We start the week with a variation of techniques in ceramics, like: hand-shaping and surface textures. The aim is to experiment and play.
After that you will explore the posibilities of connecting felt and ceramics by using your own chosen inspirational photo’s.
You will discover the differences and similarities, and the beautiful compatibility between the two materials.  

Several felting techniques will be presented to you, depending on what your project design requires. These could be: 2D felting: making prefelt, thick/transparant felting, 3D felting: hollow forms, punching, structuren felting, fusing felted shapes ect.

After drying the clay works will be bisque fired and then refired in a Raku kiln with some Raku techniques (like black firing, burning horse hair, feather, wool fibers). We are still exploring the posobilities of sagger firing. Onderzocht wordt nog of kapselbrand tot de mogelijkheid behoort. Eventually the felt and ceramic projects will be merged into several objects.

This unique combination of materials was introduced for the first time in 2023 France as a full course. This creative journey, full of surprising discoveries we are happily continuing in 2024.


Felt Dimensions, 3 options – Annemie Koenen


Date: 23 – 31 August 2024
Duration: 7 full days (6 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.300,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

Option 1: Servicestructures in nuno, 3-d, relief and layering

You can work with many different materials, in many techniques and designs.
The project can be a bracelet, hat, bag, booties, dish or an object of you own choice and design, and can be decorated with embroidery and/or brading- and weaving techniques from Central-Asia (see information/photo’s of artistic embroidery).
The size and complexity of your project depends on your own experience and speed, but whatever your experience, everyone will have a stunning result!
What can you expect?:
* Support with choice of colour and design, if needed
* Individual creativity will be encouraged and appreciated
* Each will work at there own level (without pressure)
* Explanation and examples for different options
* Explanation of shrinkage-calculation
* Large, indepth knowledge and clear instructions of the techniques.

Annemie has decades of knowledge and techniques. If you have specific ideas or wishes, you can discuss the possibility with her prior to the course!

Option 2: Sculpted Felt

Vilt - Felt

We start by building a sculpture of wool and soapy water. By careful hand molding we get the right proportions. As long as we are sculpting we don’t felt. Before we get to the felting stage we can add colour accents or little accessories like stones, sequins or shells. They will be felted in at the same time. When everything is in place we close the outer layer. The whole object will be deep-felted, layer by layer. Then we shape it further until finished. The finished object can be decorated with embroidery.


Additional option: Artistic embroidering on felt

Banner Borduren 12

You will make your own felt as the basis for embroidering. This can be a large piece or several smaller ones. You can also choose to work on your favorite embroider-stitch-book, or a memory book (or another subject of your choice), with the 14 page ringbinder, designed by Annemie, which has space for 7 felted pages.

*Price paper ringbinder: € 35,00
*Price wool with silk: € 9,75 per 50gr


Animal head and Female figurine Needle-felting – Paulien Sijtsema

Date: 04 – 11 September 2024
Duration: (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

Animal head and Female figurine
During this course there are the options of making an animal head and a female figure. Depending on your own speed, possibly both. If you have other ideas for your creation you can discuss this with Paulien. All will be made of 100% sheepswool (so without a mold) with several dry – and wet felting techniques.
To improve your posture during needle felting, Paulien has designed the Pin Board*. This board has a foam mat and pin cushion in a felted lined container to keep your tools. Order in advance with Paulien or via Felt and Fibers.
The size is 45 cm x 45 cm, the mat is 40cm x 30cm.

This course is suitable for all levels.

* Simple model € 22,-
* Luxury model (with needle pad / storage tray) € 40,-


Double Brested Jacket/Tunic with Felted textures – Natalya Brashovetska

Nat Banner1 2 1b

Date: 15 – 22 September 2024
Duration: (5 course days, 1 free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

During this workshop, we will be diving into garment creation, by making the fabric from scratch into a jacket, vest or tunic. You will learn how to take measurements, make a template, and calculate shrinkage as well as learning how to make a double-breated felt jacket. Depending on your experience a jacket with sewn-in sleeves can be part of the program. In addition, we will work on how to make straight edges, create a three-dimensional product on a flat template, using felt techniques. Moreover, you will learn how to easily transform the template from a jacket into a comfortable coat or garment with pockets.

By the end of the workshop each will have developed a strong foundation in felting techniques and garment construction, enabling one to create beautifully designed and well-fitted felted clothing, so you have plenty of techniques to take home with you.
After the course Natalya will give any participant free access to her paid ebook catalog, consisting of 10 designs using different materials and techniques. These patterns can be used from the workshop and the catalog of ebooks at home to create new projects that look absolutely different from what will be created in this course.

For this week a basic knowledge of felting is required. The course will be taught in English.
When in doubt about your level of experience, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ecoprint-magic: on subtle Linen and sparkling Leather – Rachel van der Weerd

Rachel Banner Fin(1)

Date: 25 Sept – 02 Oct 2024
Duration: 6 full days (5 course days, 1 days free choice)
Price: from € 1.175,- (based on single room, full room and board, excl. materials) PLACES AVAILABLE!

Ecoprint-magic: Leaf – and Flower prints on subtle Linen and sparkling Leather

Would you enjoy the peace and tranquility of being connected with nature, by going through a leaf- and flower-printing-process, while being in the French countryside? Then this is an inspiring journey for you.
Together we will explore multiple techniques, materials and dyes. You will get familiarised with the use of tannins en discover there reaction to different recipes. What effects do tannins and iron have on linnen and leather. It takes concentration and dedication, because every act can lead to a surprising result.
You will play with colour, paterns and compositions to explore how you can achieve 3D depth with the leaves and flowers and develope your own unique style.
Being together with likeminded, all driven by the same passion will be a source of inspiration. By observing each other and encouraging each other you can take your creations to the next level.
A botanical stroll is part of the course, where we will rummage leaves and flowers and enjoy the French landscape.
This way of working will be innovative, but more importantly… it is about finding pleasure in the journey, discovering, exploring and learning from ones experiences. Like an ongoing process of creation, upon creation, upon creation…

This course is suitable for all levels.

Basic ingrediënts for tanning recipes are included in the price. Tannins and Landscape dyes are excluded. A specific list you will receive after your reservation.

All textiles we work with, you can bring with you or buy it here in the studio.
You may also bring white 100% linnen fabric and/or white garments.