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After the success of the 2023 course by Eke Krug, we decided to host a “next level” course. The course, indicated level 1, will follow the same program as in 2023, which offers an enormous range of 3D textile techniques. For anyone who has experience with these techniques or would like to take up a notch (or two) can sign up for level 2.
If you would like to attend both courses, we offer a discount of € 125,- on the second week.
Bare in mind that the days in between will be charged. All meals will be served as normal.


Newsletter March 2024
Time is drawing closer and we are getting ready to start our new course season 2024. We are so looking forward to it and are working hard on several improvements to make this season even better than the last.
We give you a sneakpeek.

For our courses we receive a maximum of 10 participants. That way we create intimacy in the group with ample space to freely move around in the studio and lots of attention from the tutor.
To accommodate more people in their wish to have a single room, we are adjusting old – or building new abodes. This could be a cabin, caravan or a room inside the house.
Inquire about the availability of those rooms because they are most wanted.  If you are sharing a twin room we give a 75€ discount.
(Some single rooms are suitable for a couple)

We have received quite a number of bookings, which garantees that the course will happen. However, some courses still have spaces.
If you are interested in one of our courses, please don’t hesitate because the last openings can be filled before you know it.
You can always gice us a call (or WAP)  to inquire. It is the quickest.
In the spotlight : Saar Snoek                                 
We are so pleased that Saar Snoek is making her debute at SFF with the 3rd course of our season. Her course focusses on finding items in nature and blowing them up in wool felt.  From seeds to mushrooms, from bark to flowers, it can be anything. In the execution we can run into all kinds of challenges and problems in recreating the fascinating and complex shapes that nature offers. Saar will teach us the techniques to tackle those problems.

Saar is a masterfelter with a cheerful, relaxed personality. She acquired worldfame with her hats and wearable art. Her talent and artwork won her many international awards. Her courses are very populair.
Saar speaks Dutch and English
In the spotlight : Miriam Verbeek                                   
Miriam Verbeek teaches this unique course “connections in felt and raku”. During this week we will be making several clay objects that will be connected with felt in your own way. We create this unique combination using the hardness of one material and the softness of the other. The objects will be fired in a raku kiln (Japanese technique of quick firing at high temperature) and decorated with different burning techniques of your choice. They will be finished by the felt connections.

Miriam is a cheerful, energetic person and a multi disciplinairy tutor. She teaches the technique above, but also workshops in cyanotypography. Apart from that she is specialised in several felt-connections. She acquired “honours” from the Jury of the Gerrit Rietveld-price and a place in the Stedelijk Museum for her “Mourning Jewelry”.
Lucky for us, she is also a Francofile. Miriam speaks Dutch and English

For travelers from countries where flying is the only option we have an alternative route. So far we have adviced everyone to fly to Bordeaux, but there is another option that is potentially cheaper and not necessarily longer. 
You can fly into the Paris-airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and take a direct fast-train (TGV) into Angouleme, where we arrange for you to be picked up.

If flying to Paris is not a good option from where you are, let us know and we will assist you in planning your journey!

* Despite the many bookings we received even before Christmas, we still have some spots available (and single rooms).
For anyone who wants to sign up for 2 courses, the double-booking-discount of 125€ will  still be granted.

* During the course “Connections in Felt and Raku” by Miriam Verbeek there will be a regional celebration in one of the most beautiful historical villages in our area. It will be our pleasure to take our guest to celebrate with us. Despite not wanting to give away the details, we can reveal  that we will go out with a bang! You don’t want to miss this!
In the spotlight

Eke Krug kicks off this season with the course “3D-Textile and Mixed Media” level 1. A course  that offer a wide range of techniques, from manipulating fabric to making fabric from scratch. These excercises will be combined to a unique creation where you will start playing with relief and and depth to achieve the 3D effect. During the second week (level 2) the techniques will be enhanced and new techniques added.
Don’t forget to bring a big notebook because you don’t want to forget the variety of stuff you will learn.

Eke is a sociable tutor with a sense of humor  and a roaring laugh, but an absolute source of knowledge and techniques, she generously shares with her students. By the time we have caught up with her techniques, she has already invented new ones.
Eke speaks Dutch, English and Norwegian
In the spotlight…

Charity van der Meer teaches the course  “Felted Fashion and Nuno Garments” in our Studio. A technique whereby super-soft wool is sandwiched between 2 layers of thin silk and felted together, with the result of a beautiful unique fabric. Like no one else,  Charity can  teach you how to position the fabric  around a personalised resist, so you can shape a complete garment without seems, so without use of a sewing machine. So very special ! 

Charity is a talented nuno-designer and warm personality. Her creations are regularly shown on the catwalk and are globally renowned. She is originally from Zambia, but due to her travels and places in the world where she teaches, she is more like a world citizen. Her courses are taught in English. 
For bookings visit the website www.feltandfibers.com and click om “reservation”. Follow the instructions on the form.

We hope to welcome you soon under the French sun.

Hartelijke groeten
Esther en Jan Meijer
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