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The course “Surface techniques and 3D experiments” by Jolande van Luijk (arrival/departure 15 – 23 juli, so the last course day 22nd July) comes with a very special offer! On the 23rd July, the departure day of the participants, there is a special, festive event in our area. In a nearby village, Siorac de Riberac, all day there will be fleemarket, streetfood, music and at night a magnificant firework show. Because we know from experience how enjoyable and typically French this day is, and how memorable the fireworks, we offer you this day as our guest.
If you would like to join in, you can stay an extra day without charge (so departure on 24th). We take you to this picturesque village in the morning, organise a picknick for the afternoon en go to the fireworks all together. A perfect ending of an inspiring workshop week!!
Please mention at the bottom of your bookingsheet “participation celebration 23rd July, yes”.

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For 29th Aug – 06th Sept Annemie Koenen has combined 2 courses in one week. You now have the option of “Handfelted hats” or “Felt and Leather”. And there will be ample oppertunity to decorate you pieces with “Artistic Embroidery”.

With years of experience Annemie is truly the embroidery-Queen en happily shares her knowledge and technical skills.

And there is yet another option : making a photo-/collage album with favourite memories, photo’s, experiences, collections, thoughts etc. This book kan be filled with your collected items, decorated on felted pages, embroidered with free handstitches.
The basic album to create this can be ordered from Annemie.

So lots of choice, during this versatile workshop.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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As of now we are offering the pickup and drop off from Bergerac Airport and Angoulême Trainstation for FREE.

The pickup and dropoff from Bordeaux airport has been reduced from 70€ to 40€ per ride (to be shared by all passengers)



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